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Enhance Your Looks with Laser Hair Removal in Toronto

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People try various methods to get rid of unwanted hair. It’s a great trouble that gets double every month after the hair on legs, face, back, bikini line, or anywhere on the body have been tweezed, plucked, shaved, and waxed or even been removed through electrolysis. This trouble kept on increasing along with the irking, tiresome, money and time consuming ways of removing, until the laser technology bloomed with the safe and affordable process.

Alfa Spa & Wellness brings the solution to all unwanted hair problems with its latest laser techniques to give that flawless look of face, leg, arm, underarm, bikini line, and other areas.

Why Choose Us for Laser Hair Treatment in Toronto?

With our laser technology we focus on the dark and coarse hairs with no chance of damage to the surrounding skin. Taking the time into consideration, we serve with speedy sessions where each pulse of the laser takes a fraction of a second and can treat many hairs at the same time.

It means treating an area approximately the size of a quarter every second. Small areas such as the upper lip are treated in less than a minute, and large areas, such as the back or legs, may take up to an hour.


Laser Hair Removal(small areas)Price Per Session(pay as you go)Package of 5
Basic Bikini Line$40$140
Stomach Center Strip$40$140
Under Arms$40$140
Upper Lip$40$140


Laser Hair Removal(medium areas)Price Per Session(pay as you go)Package of 5
Back of Neck$80$280
Front of Neck$80$280
Lower Arms$80$280
Upper Arms$80$280


Laser Hair Removal(large areas)Price Per Session(pay as you go)Package of 5
Full Bikini and Inner Thighs$110$380
Full Brazilian$110$380
Full Arms$110$380
Full Beard$110$380
Full Face$110$380
Lower Back$110$380
Lower Legs$110$380
Upper Back$110$380


Laser Hair Removal(extra large areas)Price Per Session(pay as you go)Package of 5
Full Chest$180$600
Full Back$180$600
Full legs$180$600


Laser Hair RemovalPrice Per Session(pay as you go)Package of 5Unlimited for 1 year
Full Body$490$1200$2400


More about the Laser Hair Removal Treatment:

The treatment is then followed with three to seven sessions for complete and permanent hair removal. The percentage for hair removed per session varies in different body locations, with areas of thin skin (for example, bikini and armpits) generally showing a better response than areas of thick skin (for example, the back and chin).

Guaranteed Results:

Customers can experience our Laser Hair Removal in Vaughan and Scarborough at affordable sessions in best time and hygienic environment, under the care of highly skilled and seasoned Laser Beauty Therapists. They undergo thorough training before getting the certification to execute the service in the clinic.

At Alfa Spa & Wellness we guarantee great results and complete satisfaction of our esteemed clients with our advanced and safe practices.