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Ultherapy Price List

Ultherapy Price ListGuest PriceNew Year Special
Eyebrow & Forehead
(200 pulses)
Lower Face
(450 pulses)
Lower Face & Chin
(600 pulses)
(180 pulses)
(300 pulses)
Full Face & Chin
(800 pulses)
Full Face & Neck
(1100 pulses)
(260 pulses)


Ultherapy Toronto

Ultherapy is the latest way through which we can lift our skin of the neck, as well as the below and chin areas. It is a right choice for everyone, by using intensely focused ultrasound waves as it helps to improve the texture of our skin and makes it more attractive and thus the face glows. It gives a new and natural type of skin.

Ultherapy Toronto

The benefits of Ultherapy Toronto include:

  • the major benefit is that it gives results without any surgery (without pain)
  • it is not at all time consuming (only 1 hour for surgery)
  • another advantage is that it does not require any kind of recovery period

Other major benefits of Ultherapy Ultherapy comprises of :

It is a non-surgical technique which is used to match or balance the skin tone. It is completely safe and it naturally produces a healing process to trigger collagen production, as we know collagen is essential for our skin health, but it also reduces as we age.

As we know after reading this that Ultherapy lifts up the skin but it also tones the and tightens the facial skin and approves the wrinkles.

Environment, gravity or ageing all affect our ageing process and can leave our skin dull as we will look lifeless and older.

Ultherapy helps us to look good like it gives us a renewed and refreshed look. It is a kind of technique which gives you a total makeover over 9-12 months. You can see the results like you will replace your original age and be young again(because of the degradation of collagen).To see results all you need to do is to follow-up the treatments and touch-ups recommended to keep the level of collagen consistent. It can also use in conjunction with over skin rejuvenation treatments, such as lasers or particularly address more superficial layers.

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